What to remember when buying jewelry online?

There are a number of things that need to be kept in mind when purchasing jewellery online. There are a number of ways in which a person can be duped into purchasing inferior quality jewellery while indulging in a purchase over the internet. It is therefore essential to develop a fundamental and working knowledge of the nuances of trading jewellery over the internet. As the old adage goes, ‘ Precaution is better than cure’, remembering a few things and developing a comprehensive knowledge of the procedure involved in purchasing jewellery online can not only save you a considerable amount of time but can also help prevent the loss of your valuable and hard earned money.
Here are a few pointers that must be checked before jumping into the purchase of jewellery via the internet. Bearing them in mind will ensure that you do not land into a bad purchase or unprofitable investment.

1. Feedback

It is essential to have a look at the feedback that other users have left for the product and the seller. These feedback will not only lend you a handy look into the selling policies practiced by the seller but will also help you analyze the level of satisfaction that other users have derived from the product that you intend to purchase. It should, however, be remembered that no one is perfect and that there will be some consumers which will not be satisfied with the product or the service provided by the seller, it is therefore up to your discretion whether to trust the seller in the light of the experiences of other buyers or not. If you feel that it is not worth your time and effort to purchase the product mentioned from the given seller, you should consider looking for someone more favorable.

2. Details

Attention should be paid to the details and specifications of the jewellery mentioned in the description of the product. The dimensions, size, material, gem size, carat, should all be taken into consideration to arrive at a clearer picture of what is being served. Solely depending on the image given is not a wise idea. There are a number of genuine reasons because of which the image given cannot be used to fully estimate the actual product. Therefore, it becomes essential to focus on the finer details mentioned in the product description.

3. Rings

It is particularly difficult to estimate the size of a ring by simply looking at the ring or reading the measurements given in the product description. When it comes to bracelets or chains, they can be measured with the use of a simple measuring tape that can be perfect for most purposes. However, with rings, it is not that simple. When it comes to rings, the possibility of error making is much vaster. Although there is always an option of resizing that is available to a consumer, care should be taken that the resizing process does not end up costing more than the actual price of the ring.

4. Postage

Postage is not a major issue. Just make sure it’s registered. You have to sign for it and it allow the post office to track it. Security at both ends and it doesn’t cost much. Don’t send without it. Insurance is up to you and/or the seller.
Be they precious jewellery manufacturers, imitation jewelry manufacturers or costume jewelry manufacturers, buying jewellery from anyone online comes with a few risks that need to be prepared for. One must be cautious of the various factors involved in buying jewelry online and must gain a comprehensive knowledge of these before indulging in any purchase.
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The Story of Pendants

In our everyday world, as we pick out the perfect outfit to wear that day, in our minds we think of matching accessories, what earrings to wear, what rings to choose and what sort of pendant do you feel like wearing today. To make your look chic and edgy, a plain chain is not enough, a pendant that shouts style is a must. There is wide variety of pendants that one can choose according to your preference and need. The outfit that you are wearing plays a vital role in this selection and so does the occasion. This decision can be confusing and one can end up looking not as chic as they would want.
So here is a guide to help you know the different types of fashion pendants and the best outfit to pair them with:

1. Silver or Metal:

These are the most affordable range of pendants. Generally made from silver or gold plated metal or pure silver, the come in a huge variety of designs and colors. You can go for funky designs like a butterfly or owl, tribal designs with carvings and colors etc. A plain tee, paired with jeans or shorts are the best choice to wear them with. They add that wow element to a simple outfit.


2. Wooden Pendants:

These are the hand crafted and more unique style of fashion pendants. They come in modern, traditional and tribal patterns and are carved with intricate designs. They are colorful, bright and go well with any outfit, traditional or western wear. Pair it up with your kurtis or add a tribal touch to your dresses and shirts.


3. Glass Pendants:

One of the most sought out designs; glass pendants are something that is sophisticated, chic and edgy at the same time. They are made from transparent and colored glass and designed into various different styles and shapes. Pair them up with absolutely anything you like. Match the colors for wear them in contrast, these will go with anything and everything.

glass pendants

4. Ivory Pendants:

Made out of ivory, these are molded into intricate and unique designs which are considered as exquisite pieces in the fashion industry. As they are made out of ivory, they are on more expensive side of pendant collection. These are a sophisticated piece and will look beautiful with your formals.


5. Diamond Pendants:

As it is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend which is quite true. Diamond pendants are available in the most versatile of designs and are an expensive purchase. So it is extremely important to be sure of the design you buy. You can choose a simple, single solitaire pendant or an intricate design fashion pendant. They can be worn daily or on occasion, as per the purpose of purchase


6. Lockets:

Lockets are generally bought as gift or a memoir. They generally open up to hold a picture or stone or anything the wearer wants, according to the size of the locket. They are made from precious metals like, gold, silver, platinum as per the budget and can be ornate or smile and plain. Although a locket could be made in just about any shape, hearts, ovals, and circles are the most common shapes. Larger lockets are designed to be worn around the neck on a chain or cord.
Apart from these there are other designs as well in tassels, metals, cloth material etc. and can be found easily anywhere. Pendants are something that can be easily watered down or made extravagant, they can be used in the same chain and are easily interchangeable so you can wear a different one every day.
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All you need to know about precious jewellery

Precious Jewellery has existed amongst us as a part of our society since time immemorial. Precious jewellery involves jewellery made with the use of precious metals and gemstones. These precious metals and gemstones are not easily available in nature and exist rarely in the Free State which is which they are relatively more expensive that semi-precious metals and gemstones. Precious jewellery has been used to emphasize wealth and opulence since ages and is still much sought after. It is essential to understand what encompasses the word precious jewelry before indulging in any kind of sale or purchase involving precious jewellery. Here we shall discuss the precious metals that go into making precious jewelry. These are Gold silver and platinum. These are expensive metals and precious jewellery is largely made out of them.


  1. Gold

Gold has consistently been one of the most popular precious metals to go into the making of precious or fine jewellery. It is one of the most sought after materials in the world of jewellery making and otherwise. It does not tarnish or corrode easily and has a fine luster and color which is quite attractive. Jewellery artisans have incorporated gold into a number of styles and designs by either using it for base pieces or by using it alongside other elements and many distinctive techniques and styles. The malleability or softness of gold makes it the easiest metal to work with however pure gold is too soft to be worked with since it bends and scratches easily. It is therefore usually blended with copper or silver in order to create a more resilient alloy. The percentage of gold in an alloy is described by jewelers by the use of the term karat, abbreviated as k, 24 karat gold is the purest form of gold

gold jewelry


  1. Silver

Silver is a metal that is known for its radiant white luster. No matter how many different metals come up in the jewellery market, people will never get tired of wearing silver jewellery. Just like gold, silver has been a popular precious metal since time immemorial. It has been used in making precious jewellery since thousands of years because of its luster, versatility and rarity. And just like gold, silver too is too soft in its pure form to be used for the purpose of jewellery making. It therefore needs to be alloyed with other metals, usually copper, to limit being scratched or distorted.

Silver is not measured or rated in karats, unlike gold. The terms popularly used by precious jewellery manufacturers to emphasize the purity of silver are ‘sterling’ or ‘fine’ to refer to the quality and purity of silver being used in the making of the jewellery. Fine silver is however less commonly used in making silver jewellery or any other precious jewellery.



  1. Platinum

The six metals in the platinum family are the finest of the precious metal. Platinum is more expensive than gold. It is a metal as white as silver and is usually used along with other metals such as osmium, iridium, nickel, for adding strength to it in order to use it in making jewellery. Platinum is not measured in karats rather standardized and stamped with the use of a standardized platinum quality mark, just like silver, by the precious jewellery manufacturers. The standardized quality mark is used to indicate the percentage of platinum contained in a certain piece of jewellery. Pure platinum is denoted by Pt 1000.

It is one of the most durable, scratch resistant and lustrous of metals used by precious jewelry manufacturers. The rarity of platinum makes it an uncommon material to be used in jewellery making. It is not commonly used as a part of wholesale jewellery. Most precious jewellery manufacturers prefer the use of gold or silver as raw materials in making jewellery since they offer a greater range and volume of pieces.


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How to Choose the Right Corset for Your Body Type

A corset was first devised by the British as a way to keep the women thin waisted and was way too tight and suffocating for the women. But, today it is a piece of fashion clothing and way more comfortable than its older version.

A corset can be worn under clothes or as an item itself along with your precious jewelry to make the look even better.

But, there are multiple types of corsets, there are many designs and material available and it can get rather confusing if you are trying to figure it out for the first time. Here is a list of the type of corsets to make it easy for you:


1. Under-Bust Corsets

Under-Bust Corsets - How to Choose the Right Corset for Your Body Type

These are the one that begin from under your breasts. These can be worn under shirts, tops and even dresses to get a defining look on your waist. You need to wear a bra with this but you can also wear it above your dress to get a vintage look.

If you are going to start corset waist training which is basically trying to contain your waist size by wearing tight fitted corsets, this style if the perfect beginning as it does not pressure your chest and can be worn according to a beginners comfort.


2. Over-Bust Corsets

Over-Bust Corsets - How to Choose the Right Corset for Your Body Type

This covers the entire upper body. This one works as a bra and a body-shaper. Mostly wore under dresses, it defined the entire upper body figure and helps the dress flatter your curves. They can be bought in bright colors and worn as strapless tops as well.

It is important to know that corsets can be really tight or uncomfortable so whenever there is a difficulty in breathing or movement, one should loosen it remove it immediately.


3. Short Line Corsets

Short Line Corsets - How to Choose the Right Corset for Your Body Type

It a wide, belt like design that constricts at the waist. The idea is to make your waist look extremely defined.

It can be worn under or over your outfit and made complete with precious jewelry, so that the look gets more refined.


4. Long Line Corsets

Long Line Corsets - How to Choose the Right Corset for Your Body Type

This is one of the in-convenient designs and is not very popular. They end up right at the top of your hips which makes any activity from walking to sitting a major problem.

These are perfect if you want to achieve a well defined torso and they are majorly worn under skin hugging dresses and are used by celebrities more than regular people due to the low comfort level.


5. Light Lacing Corsets

Light Lacing Corsets - How to Choose the Right Corset for Your Body Type

These are perfect for everyday wear. They are soft, light and work around your natural waist size by just highlighting your figure. They can be worn with dresses, tops and also paired with trousers and topped with a blazer and precious jewelry for the business look.


6. Tight Lacing Corsets

Tight Lacing Corsets - How to Choose the Right Corset for Your Body Type

This is strictly meant for those who are invested in corset waist training. They are very tight and offer a good amount of reduction in the size of your waist.

These are not used much due to the health problems really tight Victorian corsets cause.

It is important to understand that corsets can be very dangerous as well. So remember these pointers.

1. They do not reduce the fat on your waist; they push it down increasing the size of your thighs and behind.

2. Wearing then too tight can cause problem in breathing, leading you to faint and hence not having good affects on your health.

3. They are not meant for daily use as they constraint the body too much.

4. If you are using one with laces on the back, make sure that the laces are strong and tie up in the middle to provide better support.

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Cheap V/S Expensive Make-Up Products Compare

As we all know that most of our live revolve around the budget that we have to live on, and we as fashion divas need our cosmetics to look fabulous.

When it comes to buying cosmetics no matter how minimal, if you go for brands like MAC or Sephora, you will probably come out broke after buying like two products. Many believe that cheaper alternatives do not have the quality that high end brands have. This is an absolute myth; there are some major brands that are giving you the exact quality at a pocket friendly price.

We made a comparison between the most famous products of high end brands and their cheaper alternatives which still make you look amazing and match perfectly with your designer earrings. Our inspiration was an Instagram channel called @dupethat, which does amazing comparisons as soon as a product is out.

So let’s Compare Make-Up Products & check that out:

1. NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo v/s ELF Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

NARS Blush - Bronzer Duo                              ELF Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

NARS is known for its “Orgasm” blush and Laguna bronzer which the masses absolutely love. It generally goes for $42 and has both these things. As an alternative we have ELF studio giving us a blush and bronzer with the same quantity, same look and packaging for an amazing $3. There is a difference of $39 which is a lot, so for us this switch is a great option.


2. MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Vs. Wet N Wild Don’t Blink Pink

MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus                   Wet N Wild Don’t Blink Pink

We love to have a MAC collection but it is expensive, not as expensive as other brands but still expensive. MAC’s Viva Glam range is extremely popular and runs out extremely fast, so as a cheaper alternative try Wet N Wild’s Don’t Blink Pink which is exactly the same in quality and style for just $2.


3. Dior Show Mascara Vs. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara

L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black                

Mascara is an absolute essential if you love to do your eyes. It gives volume to your eyelashes and makes them look gorgeous. Now, most make-up artist love Dior show Mascara which does not flak or get heavy on the eyes, but it lasts a month and costs $25, making it difficult to buy on every month.

So, as a cheap alternative we have L’Oreal coming out with Paris Voluminous Mascara for just $8. We all lone L’Oreal and trust it so no issues in buying this which gives you everything that Dior did.


4. MAC Fluidline Vs. Maybelline Lasting Drama Eyeliner

Maybelline Lasting Drama Eyeliner                MAC Fluidline

We love our eyeliner to be flowy, shiny, smooth and on fleek. Another MAC favorite, its Fluidline which a gel eyeliner, pure black and can be easily be replace by Maybelline’s Lasting Drama eyeliner which does the exact same thing just for $6 lesser than MAC.

Eyeliner is something that everyone has a personal favorite in, so there is no harm in sticking to it. But if you want a change that is cheap, this is the one.


5. MAC Spice Vs. Beautique Mocha Lip Liner

MAC Spice Lip Liner     Beautique Mocha Lip Liner

One for the lipstick lovers. We all like them to last long and look perfect and for that we need the perfect lip liner. Kylie Jenner has now made it a lip essential and this color can be used to easily create her look.

MAC Spice is the trend in this product and cost $16 which is no9t very expensive and can still be an option but there is something called Beautique Mocha lip liner which sells for a mere $3 and will still make you look fabulous. Choice depends only on you budget.

Now that your make up is on point put on those designer earrings and get ready to rock the party.

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Top Fashion Brands to Spend on If You Have the Money

There are always a few brands that stay out of our reach. We crave them and aspire to earn enough in order to afford them.

But if you already have the finances to splurge on these amazingly expensive brands, then these are the top 10 brands you need to be spending your money on. These are the most expensive brands, mostly handbag manufacturers and have a huge brand value. In this list the brand value increases as you go down.

1. Coach – Brand Value: $3.2 Billion

Coach -Top Fashion Brands to Spend on If You Have the Money

This is an America based leather goods company with a value of about $3.2 billion; they recently produced the most expensive range of bags which cost approximately $20, 00. If you go into this store, a minimum of $500 will be spent.


2. Fendi – Brand Value: $3,6 Billion

Fendi - Top Fashion Brands to Spend on If You Have the Money

This is an Italian luxury fashion house with an approximate value of $3.6 billion. Based mainly out of Italy, their famous Fendi “baguette” handbags sell for an insane amount of $2000 to $5000 per piece.


3. Burberry – Brand Value: $4.1 Billion

Burberry - Top Fashion Brands to Spend on If You Have the Money

Burberry is one of the most famous fashion houses and is originally from Britain. With a total brand value of $4.1 billion, it has three brands Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London and Burberry Brit under it.

The famous Burberry coat made of peacock feathers sells for a whopping $35000 and is a prominent handbag manufacturer as well.


4. Cartier – Brand Value: $6.3 Billion

Cartier - Top Fashion Brands to Spend on If You Have the Money

This is one of the most famous French jewellery and watches designer and manufacturer. With a $6.3 billion brand worth, their Cartier watch Tank Anglaise sell for about $32000 and has a fine collection of jewellery.


5. Chanel – Brand Value: $7 Billion

Chanel - Top Fashion Brands to Spend on If You Have the Money

A French company originally founded by Coco Chanel is a famous luxury goods brand with their trademark being the No. 5 de Chanel trademark perfume.

With a brand value of $7 billion, its most expensive item sold is the “Chanel Diamond Forever” classic bag for approximately $2, 61, 00.


6. Rolex – Brand Value: $7.9 Billion

Rolex - Top Fashion Brands to Spend on If You Have the Money

This is one of the most renowned watch brand; that design, manufacture, distribute and service watches. A Swiss brand with a value of $7.9 billion, they have a collection selling up to an approximate $53,000.


7. Prada – Brand Value: $9.4 Billion

Prada - Top Fashion Brands to Spend on If You Have the Money

This is an Italian luxury fashion and handbag manufacturer with a net worth of $9.4 billion. This brand was placed at number 95 in Brandz list of Top 100 most valuable global brands. Their famous ostrich leather bag goes for $10,000 a piece.


8. Gucci – Brand Value: $12.7 Billion

Gucci - Top Fashion Brands to Spend on If You Have the Money

Gucci has the third highest brand value in the world, an approximate of of $12.7 billion.

The Gucci crocodile shoulder bag sells for approximately $35,000.

9. Hermès – Brand Value: $19.2 Billion

Hermès - Top Fashion Brands to Spend on If You Have the Money

This is another French luxury manufacturer and is the second most valuable luxury brand in the world with a brand value of $19.2 billion. A signature Hermès bad sells for approximately $4,420.

In 2011, Hermès set a world record by auctioning one of their Birkin bag at a price of $2, 03,150 and was the most expensive purse that was sold at an auction.


10. Louis Vuitton – Brand Value: $28.4 Billion 

Louis Vuitton - Top Fashion Brands to Spend on If You Have the Money

Louis Vuitton, or LV, is a French fashion house with a brand value of $28.4 billion and is the most valuable luxury brand in the world. It ranks number 10 on Forbes list of The Most Valuable Luxury Brands 2013.

Louis Vuitton bags usually sell for $10 000, and their Tambour Monogram watches collection ranges between $26, 000 to $29,000.

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Types of Belts Every Woman Should Own

Just like any other accessory, belt is an absolute necessity too. It does more than just hold you lose clothes up; it adds style and can be worn in non-traditional ways as well. Here is a list of different type of belts for women’s that fashion belt manufacturers are making and you need to own:


1. The Classic Belt

The Classic Belt - Types of Belts Every Woman Should Own

This is the regular belt that we use daily with our trousers, jeans basically anything. The classic brown and black color majorly made of leather is the basic design of his belt. If you want something durable go for good quality products, so that you don’t end up buying one every other month.


2. The Woven Belt

The Woven Belt - Types of Belts Every Woman Should Own

These can be worn over dresses to add a structural element. This design is basically like a woven braid tied together with a wide buckle. This is found in many colors but the traditional brown and tan tones are the best options to add flair to a loose dress. It can be worn with high waisted jeans or trousers and tucked in shirts. The width of this belt is variable and it depends on you as to wish you want to wear.


3. The Wide Belt

The Wide Belt - Types of Belts Every Woman Should Own

This is the statement piece when it comes to belts; it’s wide and bold and stands out. Neutral colors like navy blue, black, deep purple are go to options as they match everything. This is the best choice if you wear something empire waisted as it adds to the design seamlessly. The can come in the category of beaded belts as well if the weaves have beads in them.


4. The Brightly Colored One Belt

The Brightly Colored One Belt - Types of Belts Every Woman Should Own

This will bring the much needed pop to your outfit. You can go for bright, bold colors which can have a sparkle element to it as well. Neon colors are the trend right now and they jazz up your outfit and give the perfect night out look. Even in the day, you can add this to a plain dress and look fabulous. Fashion belt manufacturers are coming up with new colors all the time and giving you more and more options.


5. The Metallic Belt

The Metallic Belt - Types of Belts Every Woman Should Own

This is must if you take yourself as a fashionista. It is the go to option if you want something shiny on your waist. It can bring a funky element to plain black dresses or jeans and give it the needed shine. Fashion belt manufacturers are getting constant demand for this.


6. Animal-Inspired Belt

Animal-Inspired Belt - Types of Belts Every Woman Should Own

Animal print is a trend that is not just limited to handbags or clothes; they are available in belts too. Leopard print, faux crocodile skin, faux snake skin all these are an option one can choose from and take their outfit to another level. Do not wear an all animal print outfit, it looks tacky and overboard which is just not good. Pair them with warmer colors to bring out the print more.


7. Two Toned Belt

Two Toned Belt - Types of Belts Every Woman Should Own

This is for the more polished and sophisticated look. Pair this with your formal dresses to add a bit of style. When there is a mix of two colors make sure that one color is muted and other color pops. Like a combination of nude and brown or navy blue works perfectly. With a buckle that is unique. Fashion belt manufacturers are bringing out more designs and combinations in this type.


8. Beaded Belt

Beaded Belt - Types of Belts Every Woman Should Own

This is a more fun option, it’s bright and colorful. This can be made by stringing together beads in a tie around style belt which adds a chic pop to your outfit. A beaded belt is fashion trend that is cool and funky and heels bring out the fun side in you.


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