Jewelry to know about Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver metal has slowly become the preferred choice in the jewelry market, especially 92.5 sterling silver jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry is not only visually soothing, but it also adds a lot of elegance to your look. The two types of finishes silver jewelry mainly comes in are the shiny silver finish and the oxidized silver finish. While, the oxidized finish gives more of a laid back and bohemian vibe, the shiny finish gives a sophisticated and chic look.

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It does not matter what image are you trying to portray to the world, you’ll surely find a piece of complementing silver jewelry. The appeal of silver jewelry is amped up and it looks even more elegant when combined with various colored gemstones like quartz, tourmaline, peridot, and amethyst. The gemstones usually lend a delicious pop of color to the shiny white metal, which makes it look all the more alluring and captivating. Additionally, the metal silver is inexpensive as compared to other metals like gold or platinum.

The options available, when it comes to silver jewelry, are many. You have a huge pool of designs to choose from. Sometimes, the number of options available might overwhelm you, and can leave you confused. So, to avoid such a situation, have a clear image of the piece of jewelry you’re looking for. Do an indepth research on the stones and metal finish you want. Some stones look good with shiny silver finish, while some look good with the oxidized silver finish.


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