Why buy rings from a Silver Rings Supplier?

Gold has always been a popular choice in jewelry from olden times. People liked the royal appeal of gold jewelry and also considered it practical as it was also a source of investment for many. Back then gold enjoyed the limelight but now, silver is slowing taking the centre stage. With people becoming more experimental, silver is becoming a popular choice among men and women both. It has a very sophisticated charm about itself. Even for wedding rings and engagement rings, people now prefer silver rings.

A love band in sterling silver is the most common preference. Sterling silver helps one stay low profile unlike gold which unnecessarily draws attention. A plain silver band, a Celtic weave band and barely there silver rings are good for everyday. For their wedding rings or while renewing their vows, people get ‘I do’s or special words engraved on them. If you are not married and do not have plans of getting engaged either, then also you can surely dig on some silver loving. For a more unique and well crafted design, you can get your ring manufactured from a fashion ring manufacturer. The only drawback is that you cannot buy a single piece from a wholesaler or a manufacturer. You need to buy in bulk or multiple designs at once. Vogue Crafts & Designs Pvt. Ltd. is a silver rings wholesale supplier from where you can buy silver rings in bulk.

Silver Rings Supplier-IMG_7499 (500x333)

I have been using sterling silver every now then. You must be wondering what type of silver is that but be assured that when someone says pure silver, they always mean 92.5% silver that is sterling silver. This is because silver in its original form cannot be used to caste anything as it is a very soft metal. Therefore, it is alloyed with copper to make it durable and strong enough to caste jewelry, crockery and other things.

Silver Rings Suppliers like Vogue Crafts & Designs have the best in house collection of sterling silver rings. You can either shop from them or get your own designs manufactured from them at great reasonable prices. At Vogue Crafts, you will find that their every piece says a story. Each and every design is crafted with skill, precision and perfection. It exudes a natural raw aura and you can be assured that the particular design belongs only to you and is solely made for you. When you pay to a manufacturer, you only pay for the craftsmanship and the artistry. Getting your design manufactured from a manufacturer offers you the benefit of exclusivity. However, when you buy from a retail store, you not only pay for that piece but also the rent of the store, the salary of the employees and so on. A lot of hidden costs that you are not aware of, you pay for them too. So buying jewelry from a jewelry manufacturer instead of a retailer is always a good and a wise option.


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