SUNBURN TRENDS : Asia’s Largest Music Festival

Asia’s largest music festival SUNBURN happened in Goa in December 2015. But Sunburn is more than just a music festival. It is a perfect fusion of music and fashion. The festival ground was covered with latest trends converted by music lovers. Some of the best festival style trends spotted at Sunburn which could be the trends for 2016 summers are…

Waves.Feet and Anklets

When you see the large ocean engulfing its waves towards you only a tamed hearted would keep her shoes on. So while the music is still on and you are dancing like Beyonce you can add up cool beaded hippie anklets and rule the floor like a boss. Beaches and anklets go a long way. You might not be at the beach but they sure will be a charm to your summer slippers.

Beaches-Waves-Feet and Anklets-Wholesale Manufacturer Suppliers India

Tanks and Fashion Jewelry

Need I say more or you are already browsing for those? Yes, they were the chick’s all time favorite and were seen all over the festival quite a lot. When the temperature dipped they also favored the badass leather jackets. You could accessorize them with long necklaces, bracelets, beads or whatever fashion jewelry you are into.

Tanks Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Manufacturer Suppliers India

Head Bands and Reflective Gladiators

They are on, they are hot and it is time that you invest into one. They give you the perfect mix of girlish edgy looks which duh-uh what we all want. No time to waste here all you have to decide is what color will go with your hair streaks.

Head bands and Reflective Gladiators-easy_on_the_eyes_purplr-Wholesale Manufacturer Suppliers India


Hot Pants and Crop Tops

Agreed they are nothing new but the vibrant color choices and the awesome beaded bracelets will make the distinct difference. They are sun friendly clothes and they love to be neon. Pick your bling right now and don’t forget to accessorize or the fashion police will find you.

Hot pants and Crop tops-Music-Festival-Style-sunburn-goa-Wholesale Manufacturer Suppliers India


Party and Red Lips

Yes, the hot flame of red lips found its way too. We know hot sunny day on the beach and the flashy red sounds too tacky. But the shades of bold red will amaze you with the awesome selfies you will get when you apply it. Beaches are best for memorable pictures so why not try one and find out if you are meant for this trend or not.



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