5 “Hatke” Fashion Accessories

We look up to our favorite celebs for inspiration. Sometimes for their fashion style and sometimes for their fireball accessories! We love them a bit too much…so how can we not learn from them? Here are a few such fashion commandments in accessories which encourage us to take that plunge into discovering the style divas within us! We’re unknowingly already following them… Read on and repeat!


1. Bling in Ear Cuffs is a good idea!

Bling in Ear Cuffs is a good idea - “Hatke” Fashion Accessories

Shine and sparkles are embossed into most of our ear cuffs and there is absolutely no concept of OTT. But when it comes to put it out there, we are all a bit reserved about experimenting! Besides accessories and jewellery these ear cuffs give you a punk in your outfits so go on try them out.

2. There is some magic in minimalist styles

There is some magic in minimalist styles - Hatke Fashion Accessories

Here, is the new form of your spirit animal. As much as these things rave on in your conversations they are also a part of accessories too now. So, if you pick something that doesn’t have the entire flounce and the frills, you know that it’s okay sometimes to go for a bit adventurous stuff.

3. Mixing and matching Indian and Western Accessories!

 Mixing and matching Indian and Western Accessories - Hatke Fashion Accessories

Why reserve the Matha Patti only for all the tinsel and jazz… Instead, wear it with a camisole and a denim jacket! So easy and so comfortable. The beaded Matha Patti in vibrant color with your cool blue denim jackets seem like such a piece of cake to carry off! Now you know how to work the Indo-Western charm!

4. Single Color outfits are pretty cool!

Single Color Outfits are Pretty Cool - Hatke Fashion Accessories

Wearing single color from top to bottom, along with that androgyny tinge is way to go in these changing times. This spherical blue tinge printed pendant is the example of what you can do to twist your look a little bit when you are going top to bottom in single color.

5. An overdose of Big Jhola bags is all right!

An Overdose of Big Jhola bags is all Right - Hatke Fashion Accessories

Women fashion accessories wholesale market just bloomed like spring with the introduction of Jhola bags. They are the new cool chick thing. Best part about them is that they are feasible as hell. You can make them your book loaded college bag or laptop loaded office bag. It can take it all and they are stylish as Sonam Kapoor when it comes to beauty. Vogue Crafts have the best women fashion jewelry wholesale suppliers.


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