5 Imitation Jewelry to Buy for this Wedding Season

Who wouldn’t love to look like a superstar on a wedding even though you are not the bride…especially if it is the wedding of someone very near and dear to your heart?  Plenty of our fashion fantasies would come true if was easily able to buy the clothes and jewellery and all that la-di-da without stretching our budgets too much! So here’s a special edition of Indian jewellery that are totally suitable for our pockets and their stuff is beautiful. They promise to leave us enamored and looking like divas too because they are the IMITATION jewelry. No need to puff your noses just yet because imitation jewelry is not a taboo anymore. They are the hot cakes as everyone wants to look different on different occasions and nobody is BILL GATES. Let’s take a look at our list and then you can decide for yourself.

1. Matha Patti

1.Matha Patti-5 Imitation Jewelry to Buy for this Wedding Season

If you are in a hurry or having a bad day or just simply want to show off those curls then this is the right choice. Matha Patti is becoming the new pink in women. It is gorgeous and has more variety than cupcakes. Besides all that each face type can pull of this design.

2. Choker but Indian

2.Choker but Indian-5 Imitation Jewelry to Buy for this Wedding Season

The Choker necklace is the latest hit in the fashion world. But the transformation of them into Indian is the best thing I ever saw after Glitter nail paint. You ought to get of these for yourself. They are the must have for all your deep necks and starting a style statement.

3. Imitation Bangles

3.Imitation Bangles-5 Imitation Jewelry to Buy for this Wedding Season-VA_SP_BG0125_GLD

If you are going to be awesome in wedding then be awesome with bangles. Imitation bangles have a wide range online. You can check Vogue Crafts for imitation Bangles designs. They are imitation bangles manufacturers in India.

4. Nose Ring


They are sexy as hell and give your no make look a bump that you need in a wedding. In fact they are also lipstick highlighters and give a slimmer look to your nose. Pick and GO this one.


5. Bichiya/ Toe Ring

5.Bichiya Toe Ring-5 Imitation Jewelry to Buy for this Wedding Season

The weddings are the perfect place to lose those sandals and dance your ass off. But don’t forget to flaunt your pedicure that you spent plenty on. Pick a smooth toe ring to comfort your personality and give a splendid look at the wedding.


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