Bracelets to buy if you follow Taylor Swift style

Taylor Swift has mastered the art of stealing our hearts over and over again. Whether it’s with her on-stage performances, her charismatic personality, her gentle and grounded disposition or her beauty and style! There is never a time she leaves us disappointed. And when she wears the color red, we cannot help but fall in love with her even more! Here are some of those instances when she bowled us over dressed in hues of crimson. If you are going to follow the league of her dresses then you need to check out Vogue crafts, a fashion bracelet manufacturer. You can’t step out in those outfits without some sassy bracelets from Vogue Crafts.

1. The Grand Red Gown Moment

1.The Grand Red Gown Moment-Bracelets to buy if you follow Taylor Swift style

You can love it or hate it but you can’t ignore it. The puffy flow gown is back with a bang. If like Taylor it is your next partner on your big event then you can’t show up empty wrist. Check out the black bamboo bracelet to pair it with.

2. The Casual Day Out

2.The Casual Day Out-Bracelets to buy if you follow Taylor Swift style

She has her gorgeous smile on and wing liner to win hearts. If you are going to pick that red stripe Tee then don’t forget that charming Charm bracelet to match it with. Taylor didn’t win hearts by being ordinary neither will you…

3. The big DATE

3.The big DATE-Bracelets to buy if you follow Taylor Swift style-red-blush-monique-lhuillier-gown

That sassy hairstyle is not the only noticeable thing in her style. She matched her nude skirt so perfectly with blazing red that you can’t help but gasp. So follow suit get set ready on your next date to follow his mind away. Pick that floral chunky bracelet on your way to go.

4. Let’s go out and get some SUN

4.Let’s go out and get some SUN-Taylor-Swift-Clothes-Bracelets to buy if you follow Taylor Swift style

Oh Taylor how do you do it every time. If you are going for a romantic walk or picnic under the sun, this is the perfect dress for you. Don’t forget the charmed bracelet as the guy needs something to play with when he holds your lovely hand.


5.For a GIRL NIGHT OUT-red-empire-dress-Bracelets to buy if you follow Taylor Swift style

Cinderella didn’t ask for a prince all she wanted was a pretty dress and a night out. So if you are dressing up for the same then this dress is your game. Put on that edgy pink and black beaded bracelet to show the woman whose out to have some fun.


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