The Love For Anklets And A Search For The Perfect One

Every generation comes up with its own take on traditional jewelry as time goes. We modified the Kamar bandh, the banjo bandh and whatnot. The designers came up with the so many designs for traditional earrings or Bali’s that we as consumers have no limitations in choosing a design that we want. The most common example are “jhumkas”, there was a time when only limited designs were available and generally silver or gold was used and the household where women wore jhumkas especially gold, it was a sign of them being well off but today there a huge number of designs, shapes and sizes and all sorts of metals are being used to make them, making it cheap and readily available. They have been modernized and made more chic than traditional. Just like this every other traditional jewelry is not the same anymore.

One more such piece of jewelry that transformed completely is that of an anklet or ‘payals’. In the earlier times, women used to wear payals in both their feet, it was considered auspicious and taken as a part of a women’s daily accessorization. The ancient traditional designs are pretty heavy and come in form of anklets with small bells to make a melodious sound.

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With the change in time, this tradition changed too, ‘payal’ became anklet and went from wearing heavy silver material to sleek, light and modernized anklets. It wasn’t just the design that changed but the style of wearing it did as well, now women wear them only in one leg. Anklets are a major part of the fashion jewelry industry and are as popular as earrings or necklaces.

Most of the women today are in love with anklets and everyone wants something that’s unique. The struggle to find the perfect anklet is as real as any other struggle in life. The variety to choose from is vast and more the options, more confused we get.

The variety of material used and designs and patterns is so vast that some of us get tired and just tie a black thread around our ankle and give up on the search. But if some of you out there are still looking for the perfect anklet, don’t stop because here are some ways to make it easier.

The first choice to be made is the material. Decide whether you want it in metals or in beads or something entirely different:

  • Beaded Anklets – Beaded anklets have a fun vibe about themselves. Vibrant anklets can bring an interesting element to your look. You can chose from single colors to having a rainbow around your feet. It goes with everything and brings that fun side out of you.
  • Metal Anklets – Metal jewelry is great if you are a professional and need to wear jewelry that is not too flashy. Sleek and sophisticated metal anklets are great. They can be a single chain or something with carvings on it, they can be oxidized or all shiny. Even metal has a lot to chose from.
  • Tribal Anklets – Go back to your roots by wearing a tribal anklet. Tribal anklets are gorgeous and bring a great fusion to your look. There are options from the heavy silver rajasthani anklets or light ones with tribal carvings and colors in them. This will chic up your look and give it the edge needed.

Once, you have decided the material, chose the design according to your mood when you are shopping, no one can ever have enough jewelry at home no matter what. So go out and get one in every color and every style and keep matching it to your outfit. If you want to stick to one, do a little work; decide your budget and go on a hunt, when you find the one flaunt it all you can.

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