Bridal Jewelry Designers That You Cannot Miss

Weddings are the season of fun, rituals, beautiful traditional wear and most of all breathtaking jewelry that makes the bride look even more precious.

Every brides dream is to look the best on her wedding day with the perfect outfit that makes the grooms heart stop and make every girl wish to look like her. These are some jewelry designers that make the most beautiful design which will be just right to fulfill your dream outfit.

Bridal Jewelry Designers That You Cannot Miss

1. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ)

TBZ are one of the most well known and old jewelry designers, based originally in Mumbai, they have been the major jewelry chain since 1864. They offer custom made jewelry for the bride for her wedding day making it an exclusive experience apart from a huge collection of diamond and precious jewelry. They are famous for their combination of diamonds and rubies in various designs for the wedding occasion.

2. Poonam Soni

She is one of the designers who turned wedding jewelry into the glamour industry it is. Started in 1989, her work is inspired by Indian history and royalty. Her major work includes a lot of gemstones, colors and is the perfect choice for the young bride looking to wear antique designs. Her collection inspired by the Mughal period is most liked by customers.

3. Asha Kamal Modi

If you like to mix and match things up and want to give your traditional jewelry, a contemporary touch, Asha Kamal’s jewelry line. Art Karat is the place you need to be. She was the one to introduce a specific line of bridal jewelry after her launch in 1988. Most of her precious jewelry is nature inspired so it’s a mix of different stones and the designs are nature oriented.

4. Amrapali Jewelers

One of the foremost names when it comes to buying jewellery, Amrapali Jewels reflects heritage and tradition in every piece they create. If you love antiques, history, mythology and the mystical, Amrapali is for you. They specialize in creating statement pieces, as much as they do in restoring the conventional heavy, yellow gold necklaces. Their recent Manish Arora collection is quirky and calls for the new age rebel bride.

5. Farah Khan Ali

Farah Khan Ali is the most renowned celebrity designer whose work deals with all sort of jewelry designing in diamonds, kundan, polka, white and yellow gold, platinum etc. She is the dream designer for every bride; her most exquisite work is in rings and earrings, where she combines precious stones to give you the perfect statement pieces.

6. Maheep Kapoor

Maheep’s exquisite work on metals and diamonds makes her a favorite among stylish young women. Apart from diamonds, she works extensively on emeralds and rubies, and often takes inspiration from the Mughal era. Her Nizam inspired chand bali are making rounds.

7. Gili

Gili should be your preferred choice if you are looking for fine diamonds and gold jewellery. Most of their jewellery pieces are inspired by the four elements- earth, wind, air and water, making their theme-based collections unique.

8. Tanishq

Tanishq is the go to option if you are looking for pure traditional and India oriented collection. Their Rajputana inspired collection is their most famous jewelry designs, and have made some amazingly beautiful wedding pieces. It is the currently the most trusted jewelry brands in the country.

Choosing ones wedding day jewelry is the most important and thought out decision made by the bride. The perfect design and material to suit your taste is what makes you happy and these brands will do that. Their reputation is a guarantee that you will not be disappointed on your wedding day and will dazzle like a star.

If you intend on wearing imitation jewelry or need anything else during the wedding functions, check out the wholesale jewelry manufacturer and choose from their wide collection.


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