Types of Beads Used in Fashion Jewelry – Jewellery Guide

For the young generations today, actually for any generations, jewelry is a part of our day to day lives. We don’t go a day without matching our outfits with jewelry that compliments it and brings it up a notch. When it comes to different types of jewelry, there is a mind boggling variety to choose from. The types of material used, the design and the combination can be a little unnerving.

Beaded jewelry has always been a best seller when it comes to trendy fashion jewelry. These are colorful, vibrant and jazzy. Beads have a young chic look and make your outfit look upbeat. There is a huge variety of beads used in the making of this jewelry and it’s difficult to tell them apart most of the times. Here is a guide through the types used most commonly:

1. Acrylic Beads

1.Acrylic Beads-Types of Beads Used in Fashion Jewelry

This is the common term for any bead that is made of plastic or polymerized materials they are inexpensive, light and very versatile when it comes to their use in jewelry. They can be used to make any design and come in all possible colors.

2. Crystal Beads

2.Crystal Beads -Types of Beads Used in Fashion Jewelry

Facets are cut into the surface of these making them high quality glass beads. Crystals can be cut into many different shapes. They are shiny and also available in all colors and used very commonly.

3. Glass Beads

3.Glass Beads-Types of Beads Used in Fashion Jewelry

These are the ones made from the most common material possible, they can go from in-expensive all-purpose ones to high quality crystals used in fine jewellery.  These give out a sophisticated feel and thus are the go to material for professionals and amateurs both. They can also be made to resemble semi-precious beads and glass pearls, so it’s important to be careful a check everything before buying.

4. Spacer Beads

4.Spacer Beads-Types of Beads Used in Fashion Jewelry

This is the term most often applied to metal beads as they are mostly put between other types of beads so that they stand out an don’t get all mixed up. Metal beads can be plain plated metal, die-cast into shapes or even made of wrapped wire.

5. Pearl Beads

5.Pearl Beads-Types of Beads Used in Fashion Jewelry

They come in either genuine freshwater pearls or coated glass pearls. Either type has a varying degree of quality associated with them, but generally freshwater pearls are more expensive, or therefore often more sought after than glass pearls. The shades of freshwater pearls are often changed by dying them so that they become more versatile, and glass beads are coated with a pearl like shade to make glass pearls.

6. Semi-Precious Beads

6.Semi Precious Beads-Types of Beads Used in Fashion Jewelry

Semi-precious beads are made using semi-precious stones. This is a huge genre and includes almost any material that is naturally available and which can be made into a bead, such as agate, hematite, turquoise etc. Freshwater pearls and shell beads are also often categorized with semi-precious beads.

7. Wooden Beads

7.Wooden Beads-Types of Beads Used in Fashion Jewelry

Wooden beads often ignored as they have a cheap look and don’t look very desirable. However, wooden beads come in a huge variety of shapes, colors, sizes and designs, as well as quality. Wood is very versatile material to use during manufacture as it can be dyed, painted, drilled into, sanded out or turned into any shape, so keep an eye out for interesting ones. These are often intricately carved with designs and turned into beautiful pieces that stand out from the metal crown. Wood has a longer shelf life as well when turned into jewellery as it can be coated with protective material with utmost ease and perfection.

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