Types of Indian Tribal Jewelry – Jewellery Guide

Tribal jewelry is a craze that is growing everyday in the fashion world. It is an age old art of jewelry making which is spread across the country and every place has its own uniqueness. As we move into modern era, these traditions are being lost in the western worlds and it is necessary to save this art form and keeps this heritage intact.

There is a huge number of tribal jewelry that is absolutely beautiful. As has been said each tribe has its own unique form of traditional jewellery, here is the list of the tribes, with their handmade jewelry art described in brief:

1. Banjara

Banjara Tribe Jewellery-Types of Indian Tribal Jewelry

The tribe which lives as nomads in Rajasthan is famous for its heavy jewellery with abundant use of color. The jewellery is handmade and is absolutely beautiful. They make different designs of jewellery as well as belts that are studded with beads, coins, shells and chains. A huge collection of anklets, bangles, amulets, earrings and everything possible comes from this tribe into the market.

2. Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh Tribe Jewellery-Types of Indian Tribal Jewelry

Bamboo and cane is the major material used by tribes here. They use waistbands made of leather and is studded with stones along with coin necklaces. They use silver, gold, ivory, brass and bone as well with the addition of beautiful bird feathers.

3. Khasi, Jaintia and Garo

Khasi-Jaintia-Garo-Meghalayan-Tribe Jewellery-Types of Indian Tribal Jewelry

The people of Khasi, Jaintia and Garo are Meghalayan tribes who have distinct style of jewellery making.The Khasis and Jaintias are known for their thick coral bead necklaces, whereas the Garos use stems of grass which is strung together with fine thread.

4. Bastar

Bastar Tribe Jewellery-Types of Indian Tribal Jewelry

The Bastar tribe of Madhya Pradesh makes traditional jewellery which is also handmade using material like copper, silver, glass, peacock feathers and wood.

5. Kutch

Kutch Tribes Jewellery-Types of Indian Tribal Jewelry

The tribes in the Kutch are also knows as the Gujjars have a huge variety of jewellery adorned by both men and women along with children. They also wear handmade jewellery, usually made from silver. Their earring designs are huge which helps distinguish them as they lead to wide ear holes. They have daily use ornaments like kada or bracelet for the hand, toda or anklet for the foot and tika or headband for the forehead. They have a culture of adorning their brides with a fair share of silver which makes her look even more shiny and young.  Silver is used in its original color and intricate Meena work is done on the jewellery.

6. Tibetan

Tibetan Tribe Tribal Handmade Jewellery-Types of Indian Tribal Jewelry

Tibetan Tribal handmade jewelry is among the most beautiful and well made of all the old Tribal Jewelry traditions. They most use high quality silver that has intricate designs which represents their culture and has huge symbolic meanings behind it made. Most commonly used stones are turquoise, coral and amber.

The exact origin and background of specific pieces, therefore, are often impossible to determine. Today, there are not a lot of original Tibetan pieces left and are shipped into the market through Nepal, along with the ones that travel through nomads or shift sellers.

Today, most of the jewelry manufacturers are taking up these handmade jewelries and making it their own so as to keep the tradition going. Most of the high end jewelers are coming up with tribal designs based collection which is making a lot of buzz in the market for some time now. They are considered unique and are a part of the basic fashion trend today. Even when it comes to online jewellery portals, tribal designs are among the best-sellers in the market. Check out tribal jewelry wholesale manufacturer VogueCrafts.com to stock up on your tribal jewelry.


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