The Fashion Trend of Layering – Jewelry Layering Guide

Layering your fashion jewelry has become the new way of wearing them, everything can be stacked easily except for maybe earring (can’t happen till you have multiple piercings). Layering or stacking is basically more than one piece in the same place. So basically wearing multiple rings in the same finger, multiple bracelets in the same hand or multiple necklaces and anklets is considered layering or stacking.

There are any rules as such when it comes to layering; it’s all about going freestyle. But if still are a little hesitant and need help with it, we can be there to guide you a bit.

Layering Rings:

Layering Rings-The Fashion Trend of Layering - Jewelry Fashion Guide

Let’s start with fashion. It’s something we all wear and layering this is all about comfort and your style.

  1. Mix and Match – It’s your stack and it should represent you. Stack a simple rose gold ring with a stone studded fashion ring to balance it off or stack different colors of gold: white, yellow and rose and end it with silver.
  2. Old is Gold – Don’t just discard those old heirloom pieces. Those are vintage and very much in trend just pair it up with a dainty piece. The combination of new and old creates the best contrast.
  3. Make It Your Own – Stack up pieces that mean something. This is done in combination with the engagement ring to which you can add the wedding band, hallmark anniversaries, births etc and make them yours with engraving them.

Layering Necklaces:

Layer NecklaceThe Fashion Trend of Layering - Jewelry (2)

Necklaces are designer jewelries that have so many varieties that it is easy to get confused when it comes to wearing them together. Layering necklaces is in rounds the most right now. Here’s how you do it like an absolute diva:

  1. Tangle Them Up – Bunch up your pendants as you wear two or three of the same length. Set each on e to be next to each other if they are stone pendants and relax about the tangling, it won’t harm them and give you a clumsy yet classy look.
  2. Stand Out – Choose one long statement piece with like a nice stone pendent and klayer it with subtle smaller pieces. Through this it becomes a bit more sophisticated and your statement piece still gets all the attention.
  3. Be Smart – Mix the length. Wear one close to the collar bone and wear one that reached your belly, which gives the illusion of it being the same piece being looped around. If you have a really long piece you can actually loop it up.

Layering Bracelets:

Layering Bracelets-The Fashion Trend of Layering - Jewelry Fashion Guide

Now let’s move on to bracelets, these you can stack with your watch or without one. You can use three- four or stack them up to your elbow, it’s all up to you. Here’s how:

  1. Subtle or Extravagant – if it’s a day out use some casual bracelets like those made of beads or weaves, but, if it’s a night out then bling it up! Use your metal collection and go all out.
  2. Stir Them Up – In this trend, you can’t really go wrong. Mix up new and old, go all out with color, add a watch or combine different materials. As I said earlier it’s all up to you and your desire, there is no right or wrong.
  3. A Sleeve Thing – Just one thing, with bracelets keep in mind the sleeve length of your outfit and if you want to cover it up or not. If you have elaborate work on your sleeves then don’t steal their thunder by stacking up too many bracelets and if they are full sleeves then you can wear over it but try and keep it minimal.

Similarly you can do so with anklets and if you have multiple ear piercing, you can go all out with them as well.

You need stash to be able to stack and get that stack from the collection on


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