Get that Perfect Sonam Kapoor Look at 69th Cannes 2016

Everyone one of us likes to look like a star, we follow celebrities and their style. Celebrities are the trend setters today, we are always trying to emulate their style and look for the outfits they wear online so that we can buy them ourselves.

Sonam Kapoor is the most looked up to fashionista in the industry. Her dressing sense is unmatchable and every time she has been in public, she looks drop dead gorgeous. Traditional or western, she takes every style and puts her spin to it and changes it to a unique look all together, she always adds gold jewellery or silver jewellery to it. Sonam Kapoor has been awarded as one of the best dressed actresses in almost all the events that she has attended so far. This year, Cannes was no less, Sonam Kapoor rocked that red carpet with amazing looks during every event. From a sari to a gown she did it all.

Here are her looks at Cannes @016 and you can surely get them too.

1 : Black and Blue Sari by Rimzim Dadu

The perfect start to the prestigious event was made by this black and blue sari by Rimzim Dadu. This was a simple piece with no over the top work which only she can pull off. She paired the sari with gold jewellery and that to just statement earrings, nothing too heavy. She emulates style by going for the under done look which works, as she stood out in that heavily embroidered crowd.

Get that Perfect Sonam Kapoor Look at 69th Cannes 2016


2 : Gown By Ralph & Russo

This time she went all out with a white couture gown by Ralph & Russo. She wore this on the first red carpet appearance of the event; it had a cold shoulder, a long flowing train which was embroidered as well. She paired that with a white choker necklace. This can also be paired with silver jewellery or even gold to give certain edge. This was one of her best looks so far.

Get that Perfect Sonam Kapoor Look at 69th Cannes 2016


3 : The Simple Ralph & Russo Piece

The simple Ralph & Russo piece is perfect for interviews or outings during the day. It’s sophisticated, beautiful and elegant in its simplicity. The blue and white combination looks perfect in the sun and pairing them with a perfect pair of hells will take it up a notch which she did.

Get that Perfect Sonam Kapoor Look at 69th Cannes 2016


4 : One More Ralph & Russo Piece

She chose the brand Ralph & Russo for almost all her outfits, but damn! Did she choose the perfect pieces. Her second red carpet appearance was in another couture piece by the same designers, which was shimmery and creamy color with a cape full of rose designs. The dress fit her well and flaunted her curves perfectly. She paired them with small diamond earrings, but you can go for gold jewellery as well for the extra bling.

Get that Perfect Sonam Kapoor Look at 69th Cannes 2016


5 : Black Body Suit with a Sheer Skirt and Lacy Gloves

This time she went for a black body suit with a sheer skirt and lacy gloves. She wore this ensemble for the Chopard event and paired with a statement diamond necklace by the same. You can go for silver jewellery like statement earrings or metal necklaces. This outfit though was extra bling and too much was happening together, making it difficult to achieve the dresses full potential. It needed a bit of toning down.

Get that Perfect Sonam Kapoor Look at 69th Cannes 2016


6 : Powder Blue Ralph & Russo Gown with Golden Embroidery

I saved the best for the last. This was the best outfit that was worn by Sonam Kapoor in all those days. A perfect powder blue Ralph & Russo gown with golden embroidery on the dress as well as the train. She took it up a notch by adding that piece of gold jewellery by Kalyan Jewelers. Those traditional gold jhumkas gave the perfect match and the perfect contrast to the dress. The fusion of Indian and Western with the jhumkas, an Indian style braid and that gown which was the perfect blue and gold, just stole the show. She wore this for the prestigious AmFar Gala and look like an actual fashion diva.

Get that Perfect Sonam Kapoor Look at 69th Cannes 2016

Get the looks on the official Ralph & Russo websites or get5 the other Sonam Kapoor looks on Pernia Pop up and get the jewellery to accompany those outfits at


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