Hair Jewellery For Your Wedding day

Even today, the day of your wedding is one of the biggest days of your lives. This implies both to the bride and the groom. But when it comes to the bride, there are a few extra things that matter, the perfect look is one of the major ones. The whole attire should come together and make her look a princess on her special day and jewellery is the most important part of that.

Today, most of the brides are going for gold jewellery or semi-precious jewellery, as it has more options and can be custom made easily as well. As one chooses her wedding jewellery, everything should come together, the necklace, earrings, hand accessories, everything. In all this people generally ignore hair accessories, which is not a great thing to do. As a bride who will wear something that will show some part of her hair, adding accessories to that, takes your look an entire notch higher.

Here are a few types of hair jewellery that will make you look an actual princess and stop hearts as you walk down to the wedding :

1. Jeweled or Beaded Chains

Jeweled or Beaded Chains - Hair Jewellery For Your Wedding day

These are the modern take on the traditional Maang tikka. It is not only great for the wedding function but you can go for light designs for other functions as well. These looks are based in gold jewellery and have a big centre piece that has chains attached to the side. For the wedding day look, go for a bun or bouffant and then add a piece which is part gold jewellery, part semi-precious jewellery, like, a centre piece with heavy stones set in gold and gold chains attached on the sides.

2. Glittering Hair Bands

Glittering Hair Bands - Hair Jewellery For Your Wedding day

This design was made popular by Sabyasachi on the fashion ramp. These are basically hair bands that are studded with stones or glitter. These are a very modern look and brides can have something custom made in this design turning it into semi-precious jewellery by adding stones to it.  This is something that can be worn by anyone in the wedding season or in any function. There are subtle versions and there are shimmery and heavy ones. The choice is the brides.

3. Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka - Hair Jewellery For Your Wedding day

This is the most traditional option. This piece of jewellery has been in tradition for ages and is present in all cultures. A central chain running down the centre parting of your hair and a beautiful central piece, right in the middle of the fore head is the essence of a maang tikka. This form of gold jewellery is available with diamonds, kundan, crystals and even the chain can be jeweled.  On the day, get a really well studded maang tikka which will shine from under that duppatta and complete that beautiful look.

4. Paasa or Jhoomar

Paasa or Jhoomar - Bollywood-Hair Jewellery For Your Wedding day

This is the traditional look in Muslim weddings but is being picked up by other cultures as well. It is royal Mughal jewellery, which is basically a really elaborate design that is hung by a hook on the side of your hair. Generally, this will work if you don’t keep the duppatta on your head and also don’t choose really heavy earrings as this is also set to the side. This is traditional part of gold jewellery and is added with pearls or other stones as per the bride’s preference. It is important to be sure of your look when you go for a jhoomar or paasa, as it is a look which not everyone can pull off.

5. Jeweled Pins

Jeweled Pins - Bollywood-Hair Jewellery For Your Wedding day

This is more of a hair accessory than jewellery and can be customized into semi-precious jewellery. These are hairpins that are studded with single or multiple stones. These are great to tuck in the duppatta into your hairstyle. It’s a replacement of the plain black hairpins, so that nothing on the most important day of your like is left plain. They can range from really cheap ones to elaborate expensive ones. The choice is simple yours.

Try out the collection at for a not so expensive jewellery to accompany your hair jewellery.


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