The Story of Pendants

In our everyday world, as we pick out the perfect outfit to wear that day, in our minds we think of matching accessories, what earrings to wear, what rings to choose and what sort of pendant do you feel like wearing today. To make your look chic and edgy, a plain chain is not enough, a pendant that shouts style is a must. There is wide variety of pendants that one can choose according to your preference and need. The outfit that you are wearing plays a vital role in this selection and so does the occasion. This decision can be confusing and one can end up looking not as chic as they would want.
So here is a guide to help you know the different types of fashion pendants and the best outfit to pair them with:

1. Silver or Metal:

These are the most affordable range of pendants. Generally made from silver or gold plated metal or pure silver, the come in a huge variety of designs and colors. You can go for funky designs like a butterfly or owl, tribal designs with carvings and colors etc. A plain tee, paired with jeans or shorts are the best choice to wear them with. They add that wow element to a simple outfit.


2. Wooden Pendants:

These are the hand crafted and more unique style of fashion pendants. They come in modern, traditional and tribal patterns and are carved with intricate designs. They are colorful, bright and go well with any outfit, traditional or western wear. Pair it up with your kurtis or add a tribal touch to your dresses and shirts.


3. Glass Pendants:

One of the most sought out designs; glass pendants are something that is sophisticated, chic and edgy at the same time. They are made from transparent and colored glass and designed into various different styles and shapes. Pair them up with absolutely anything you like. Match the colors for wear them in contrast, these will go with anything and everything.

glass pendants

4. Ivory Pendants:

Made out of ivory, these are molded into intricate and unique designs which are considered as exquisite pieces in the fashion industry. As they are made out of ivory, they are on more expensive side of pendant collection. These are a sophisticated piece and will look beautiful with your formals.


5. Diamond Pendants:

As it is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend which is quite true. Diamond pendants are available in the most versatile of designs and are an expensive purchase. So it is extremely important to be sure of the design you buy. You can choose a simple, single solitaire pendant or an intricate design fashion pendant. They can be worn daily or on occasion, as per the purpose of purchase


6. Lockets:

Lockets are generally bought as gift or a memoir. They generally open up to hold a picture or stone or anything the wearer wants, according to the size of the locket. They are made from precious metals like, gold, silver, platinum as per the budget and can be ornate or smile and plain. Although a locket could be made in just about any shape, hearts, ovals, and circles are the most common shapes. Larger lockets are designed to be worn around the neck on a chain or cord.
Apart from these there are other designs as well in tassels, metals, cloth material etc. and can be found easily anywhere. Pendants are something that can be easily watered down or made extravagant, they can be used in the same chain and are easily interchangeable so you can wear a different one every day.
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