Tips for Choosing Maang Tikka according to your Face Type!

This plays an important role with her matching jewelry and dress. Deciding which maang tikka would go with the attire or which one would suit their face is a tricky task! Every woman gets confused when they have to decide a maang tikka matching their dress and also according to their face type.

Don’t worry this time you do not have to be confused about your choosing your maang tikka because here is a perfect guide on how you can correct your mistake and choose the perfect maang tikka for yourself so, have a look;

Round Shape Face image001

If you have round face, try and choose long maang tikka as it would highlight your face and also gives length to your face.

Rectangular Shape Faceimage002

For this face type try and avoid maang tikka which has rectangle or square shape, small pendant style would be perfect for your face cute.

Heart Shape Faceimage003

If we talk about heart shape in this case the chin area is narrower so avoid long and wide maang tikka because you do not want to that extra length for your face.

Oval Shape Faceimage004

First of all this face shape is rare and if you have one then consider yourself to be lucky! You can experiment all type of maang tikka in this face type.

Choose the right one and flaunt you style in front of everyone; I hope this helps in picking the right one!


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