Milan Fashion Week History and Top Model of Milan Fashion Week!

This term fashion is most commonly heard by many of us but do we actually know what this really means? This term has a simple definition meaning “something in popular” which can be in clothing or hair or decoration even behavior towards other. Here we are talking about fashion which directly relates to clothing! Coming to fashion week, now this is an industry event where known designers, brands or upcoming designers display their collection of designs which can be in clothing, footwear or jewelry. Also these fashion weeks happen usually for the current and upcoming new trends.

The modern concept of fashion in the sense of luxury apparel came forward in 1700s, under Louis XIV, culminating with the first true “haute couture” (meaning, high fashion) house in Paris in 1858. After this many designers start there fashion shows in there studios. Then these fashion weeks became more popular in 21st century. The first fashion show took place in 1903 in New York City called “Ehrich Brothers” and by 1910 many other departmental stores also took initiative and were having shows of their own. But basically New York was the first city to begin organizing shows seasonally.

The shows started in the city but the concept fashion show originated from France. The shows were organized in a particular time but not at a particular place. After this, London fashion week started in 1984. Where London was the first fashion week to stream there wardrobe live for the worldwide audience, in spring 2010. Milan Fashion week popped into the picture which started there shows in 1958, most events are organized under the auspices of the National Chamber for Italian Fashion, founded in 1958. But some of the largest design houses such as Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci show outside of Camera Moda. While many shows appear under the divine of the Chamber for Italian Fashion but many of the largest names such as Dolce & Gabbana shows independently. Everything seems amazing at Milan Fashion week. Many rising names from the modeling industry come from Milan. Milan fashion week including more than 40 shows each season which transforms the city into a touristic hob by simply creating various venues for the shows and selecting the most elegant and influential places to become the stage for design. Also the top models of Milan fashion week which are:

Naomi Campbellimage001

She is a British model and actress, started her career at the age of 15 and now has reached heights of fashion industry being one of the top models of Milan fashion week.

Liya Kebedeimage003

Liya who capped off nearly two decades in the modeling business with her appearance at Prada is now one of the top models in Milan.

And Lauren Huttonimage005

Including 72-year-old supermodel Lauren Hutton who is an American model and actress.

After Milan comes the Paris fashion week, which started in 1945, when the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture required couture houses to present a collection of at least 35 runs to the press, with both daytime and evening wear. So, now the most prominent fashion shows are held in four major fashion capital of the world, which are New York, London, Milan and Paris.


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