Astounding Facts which were unknown about the Bridal jewelry!

Wedding day, it is a day of celebration where the most excited couple that is the groom and the bride. They are on cloud nine at the time of wedding! The attire which they wear is just perfect for the day. Especially the bride she is all excited about her heavy lehanga and the alluring jewelry which she wears on the day. The planning starts from about six-seven months before the marriage, the classy cloths are set, the jewelry is on point, the sandals are matching and same goes for the groom. image001

The super excited couple and the wedding is all set to happen but do we realize in the rush about the facts which are not known to anyone I suppose about the bridal jewelry. I am sure very few of us know the real reasons behind the jewelry which a woman wears on her wedding day. Each and every piece which brides wear on her day of wedding symbolizes something traditional or cultural which was unknown to us since so long! Might be few of us also know some of the facts but rest are still unknown.

Some of these are listed below:

Rings: Rings are an important accessory for a married couple because not only they have to wear the ring. The wedding ring which is worn on the third finger of the left hand is a priceless ornament. The vein in that finger runs directly to the heart, which is why wedding rings are worn in that particular finger only! This is just so adorable.

Earrings: Earrings are a kind of jewelry that highlights your face and makes you look more adorable. But no one knew this that if legend is to be believed, evil spirits could enter the body through its openings. Earrings are believed to work like a protector against evil for all brides. So, these hanging pieces are not just there to make you look amazing but also to protect you from bad powers or evils out there.

Anklet: Anklet is a jewelry which is worn around the ankle and also looks amazing when these are worn with the heavy lehanga and ethnic wear. It allows people to concentrate on your feet. This jewelry which is a traditional piece is meant to announce arrival of the new bride in her husband’s house with its tinkling sound. So, it is believed to be positive when worn this piece.

Bangles: We all have heard and also seen woman wearing chooda. Traditionally, these glass bangles represent safety and luck for a married woman’s husband. The color and designs of bangles might vary in different region but the meaning behind the accessory remains the same!

Necklace: Necklaces as we all know are one of the most important jewelry for the bride. One of the neckpieces which that is, a mangalsutra which is put around the neck of the bride by the hands of groom himself is the supreme jewelry for any bride. The wife wears it as long as she or her husband is alive as a sign of their love and commitment to one another.

Maang Tikka: This piece of jewelry is best worn by the bride and looks perfect when it falls on her forehead which is believed to be the ‘ajna chakra’ , which means ‘ to know or percieve’. So this jewelry represents the holy bond or union of both male and female that is mentally, physically and emotionally.

These are the some beliefs which people have about the bridal jewelry and many people trust these beliefs all around the world.


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