Outfits which can be make you look classy instantly on this Republic day!

image002Republic day, it is a day where we all have a day to devote to our nation and also spend with our loved one, dressed up all well! This special day brings in specifically three-four colors that is saffron, navy blue, white and green. So dressing up in such colors gives a perfect feel of patriotism. And if we talk about fashion, it is a way to say who you are without having to speak. It is just like our subject math, you either understand it or not! There is no in between. We all have our own fashion tastes and sense which eventually leads to create a distinguished persona.

So, this time walk out in style with the sparkling saffron or white or navy blue or green color and get the feeling of being a true Indian, which I am sure you are but dressing up one gets you the feeling of more devoted towards your nation.image004
If you are looking for a casual meet, like you want to visit India gate with friend and dress up casually then it is very easy to wear a jacket or a coat with navy blue or saffron color pairing it with a white jean or a blue jean. This would simple make you look classy and your look would be the most desirable in the crowd, also you can slip in with alluring neckpiece or bangle or anything matching with the outfit!

If you are looking for a funky look but also want to match the occasion of the special day then I guess you can always switch in to you normal shorts with navy blue and team up with the white tee or sweat shirt. Also, make your look more prominent and wear a matching bracelet or a classy golden cuff. image005
Thirdly you can also play with the colors, like bring in the mix combination of tri colors. Mix it all saffron, white, green or even navy blue. Mix it all and bring out the amazing combination pairing up with the any of these color earrings, neck pieces or bangles! Check the look down which might help you while choosing.

Lastly if you want to wear something in ethnic then you do not have to worry at all because in ethnic you can always play with colors, and even bangles which you wear with your outfit. The ones who do not have anything specific planned look for ways by which they can imbibe the tricolor style into their wardrobe at the eleventh hour.
This is a supreme day for our nation and for us as a proud Indian so, let’s color the nation with the color of our national flag. Make the day more special and walk out in the colors which matches the national flag and let people know how much you love you nation.


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