How to propose her/him using Roses?

image001Valentine week has begun and it is one of the most supreme days for the couples in love. They look out for different themes and idea on how they can make their loved one feel special on the day. Amazing thing is that there are opposed days for opposed things which an important part of any relationship are. Now that the week has started and people are looking out to book their tickets and party places which they want to visit together, but to start with here we have rose day on the top of our date sheet now. So to begin with let us first guide you on how you can turn your day into a special one instantly by following certain tricks. Flowers especially roses in a proposal tend to be more of an addition though rather than the focus. But what if your partner absolutely adores flowers? Of course, each one of us loves red roses or a bouquet of flowers. Just adding them to a proposal would do your part for sure, but still you have to think of other ideas too if you want to make it super special for them.

Surprise them with a bouquet of flowers with a ring tied on one of the roses or you can also look out for boxes of flower and put the accessory/ring/chain on the middle rose and from the days of the ancient Greece down to modern times, red roses have symbolized undying love and passionate affection.  Most floral designers will agree that a fresh bouquet of red roses can never go out of style for marriage proposal guys!

image003The flower carpet, Yes! Rent out a space and create a grand carpet of rose petals could be an outstanding way to make your significant other feel like a movie star, and surprise them at the same time. Who does not love the colored petals set up above with candles lining the room? Could be a day to remember!
Flower crowns for each other, every girl loves a chance to wear a flower crown. Treat your fiance like the queen or the king that she/he is and give her/him a flower crown for the day to compliment that beautiful ring. That would completely make his/her day. Also could be the most unique and distinctive thing which you can do to make him/her feel amazingly charming. Though guys wearing a flower crown could be little amusing but who cares when both of you are together and it would be just two of you having fun and celebrating this rose day as it is supposed to be celebrated.

image007These are the certain ways through which you can celebrate your rose day like never before and also make them feel special. Rose day is basically means a day where you gift each other with roses and promise to stay together like always. Gift just a rose or a bouquet of rose of plan a carpet of rose as per your pick!


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