What does the color of your teddy bear signifies about your love?

image002Jewelry, cloths and teddy bear symbolizes to be a girl’s best friend. Each one of us know how much we love having a cute teddy bear around us which keeps us warm and also keeps reminding us about our loved one. Teddy day is celebrated on 10th February. Teddy Bear are soft toys that are popular and readily available in different colors and sizes in the market. Gifting a teddy bear is one of the best options for Valentine’s Day and Teddy Day, as it will surely make your girl or even guy feel special! This soft toy spreads charm and also creates the perfect romantic environment! On this day, you can definitely send an adorable teddy bear to your beloved and cherish all the cute moments of your relationship. You can choose the best one for them. I know it is quite confusing when it comes to gifting your loved one teddy bear. There are a lot of things to be decided, like the size or the color or the packing. But now, you can choose the right color teddy bear for your loved one and also knowledge them with the significance of the color as why you choose that color for them. Check these amazing colors and what it symbolizes about your loved one!

Let us first discuss about the Lovey dovey colored teddy bear made especially for teddy day. The color “PINK”, yes, if you gift someone this color teddy bear it symbolizes that you accept their love for you and it is a yes, from your side!Teddy Day

PURPLE teddy bear, this brings quite a bad news for the couple as this symbolizes “better luck next time”, yes so if someone wants to say “no” to your proposal might end up gifting you this. I hope you do not end up getting this one.Teddy Day

BROWN teddy bear, this also brings quite a sad feeling as this symbolizes broken heart. If a person has hurted you and you are feeling hurt then you can gift this color teddy bear to him/her so that he/she knows that you are hurt.Teddy Day

RED teddy bear, apart from love and affection, red also symbolizes power, desire, passion and determination. It stands out as a very emotionally intense color. It describes the emotional intensity between the two and the love which they have for each other.Teddy Day

YELLOW teddy bear, this symbolizes friendship! Just like sunflower, this yellow teddy bear also signifies the utmost bond of friendship amongst best friends. So, if you receive this color bear remember she/he trusts in you and have chosen you as their best friend for life.Teddy Day

BLUE teddy bear, Heaven, loyalty, trust, confidence, wisdom, truth and intelligence are all attributes associated with blue.  Blue has the exact opposite effect of red. It produces a calming effect and slows down metabolism. This can be an indirect signal that they love you madly or deeply.Teddy Day

BLACK teddy bear, well I know this would be your favorite color but if you are receiving this teddy color then you might have to face problems as black is a clear NO from his/her side. Teddy Day
So, pick your teddy bear according to the color you think is right for you. Pick it wisely and happy valentine week!


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