Anklets to surprise you this summer 2017

image002Though not many people notice your feet but while you wear an astounding piece of beauty around your feet, we just cannot ignore but notice. Specially when the piece which you are wearing is so delightful. Also very few of us know that there are different kind of anklets and anklets for every occasion. This is considered to one of the most invisible jewelry but do not forget if you wear a right piece it can never go unnoticed. You can always look out for anklets that are unique and distinctive. This summer brings us the new and improved collection of anklets and they are sure to come back in trend again, wearing an anklet does not mean you have to look out for wedding season and wear it beneath your lehanga and suits. You can also wear it casually with your chunky hot pants or cool jump-suit! It looks super amazing if worn with a classy hot pants and elegant summer top followed by an astounding anklet on your feet. Fashion always have a lot of things to surprise you, so today it is all about anklets. They are here to surprise you this season! Have a look at these pieces and decide yourself if they have surprised you or not?

Chain Anklets
fashionistas always have an eye for detail and so be assured your accessory will attract some attention. Chain anklet looks elegant and one of the most sofisticated amongst all. A simple anklet chain can make you look simply amazing and make your feets stand out instantly!image004

Colorful Bead Anklets
If you want add little colour other than metallic shades to your feet then you can simply try a bead anklet. Tiny turquoise beads on gold is barely-there, but are the most stylish. You could get a couple of colours and wear them daily to match your outfits and look stunning!image005

Boho Style anklets
Boho style anklets are in trend and looks classy, These anklets look classier of worn with your beach wear or your dresses with boho look. Try a chain link anklet with tiny ghungroos in gold also for this Boho look. You can either wear these with ultra-stylish high heels or pair it up swimsuits.image007

Earthy Anklets
These look really amazing as it gives you an astounding look, where these earthy anklets are the one that stay in style always. It might be made of stones or shell and this gives you completely unique look instantly.image008

Layered Anklets
For a bold style statement, you could try layering two or three anklets too – either on a single leg or both. Just make sure you have a variety of colours and materials. So, what’s your anklet style going to be – funky colours and charms or barely-there chains and stones? It will look graceful but remember not to over do it.image010

Thong Anklet
If you know crochet, then this is there will be nothing more exciting than making these pretty anklets for yourselves. You could also make these for your sisters or friends and gift them these in their favourite colours by using DIY’s or check youtubes. As they can be made quite easily.image012


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