Different type of tassel jewelry to add elegant touch to your outfit!

image002 Jewelry is every woman’s first and last love, and she always want to walk hand in hand with the trending jewelry. And what’s not to love about jewelry? It brings all the charm, sophistication and glamour a lady aspires for. And when you see tassel Jewelry Trend hanging from the wrist, neck, and ears of street style stars to fashion bloggers, and editors everywhere, you will realise the true essence of tassel trend and tassel fashion. But what are tassels? it’s something we all know of but are eager to increase our knowledge on. Tassel Jewelry is all about fringe-like adornments which have a more grown-up edge, given the high-shine metallic metals.

These are long and elegant pieces which looks alluring on any woman once she wears it. Also it does not require her to wear this jewelry with any particular dress or outfit. This goes with every outfit you wear, so do not forget to keep this particular tassel jewelry to match your party wear or ethnic wear. These long and short tassel pieces are artistic and unique in there own self. Wearing them will only make you look pretty.  Check out some of the looks of tassel jewelry and pick the right one for yourself!

Chain tassel Jewelry
Chain tassels are basically beautiful jewelry made out of chains, it can be seen as a tassel chain pendant or tassel chain earrings which look quite alluring and stunning at the same time.image004
Beaded Tassel Jewelry
Beaded tassels looko guady and vibrant. Also suits your outfit, whatever you wear. When it comes to giving dimension to the tassles, add beads to complete the look of the necklace. You can go for a necklace with beads of different colours and sizes as that will give depth to outfits.image006
Thread Tassel Jewelry
Thread to decorate the necklace. When buying this jewelry you should buy the one with a strong and heavy thread. These necklaces and earrings come in different colors and designs thus you only need to choose the one that is right for you.image008

Embroidery Thread Tassel Jewelry
These jewelries look instanty beautiful and are quite easily made at home by sarre threads and other thread, it can be made at home and is quite easy for anyone. One can make pendant or earrings from the same.image010
Pom-Pom Tassel Jewelry
These jewelry gives glances of pom-pom but are tassels, but looks amazing instantly and  makes anyone look alluring and beautiful! One can pick a vibrant color pompom earring or necklace and look dashing.image011
In addition, Different units come with different types of jewelry. For example, there are those with beads of the same color while others have beads of many colors. You should note that the beads or threads are of different shapes and designs. You should choose jewelry with the beads or threads matching or that which look great on you. So, you can choose your favorite tassel jewelry or any other jewelry. Also can get it customized from Vogue Crafts and Design Pvt. Ltd. Which offers beautiful jewelry at reasonable rates.


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