Own beautiful fair complexion at home with “Honey”!

image002Every girls dream is to have a beautiful flawless skin at home without those costly makeup or beauty products which one has to buy to get a flawless skin! Very few of us know that there are a lot of products or ingredients at our own place from which we can attain that fairer looking skin without spending an extra penny. We all use chemicals on our skin and other products, also under go with different sorts of treatments to get that fair and clear skin. Though these chemicals do give an instant glow, they also speed up the aging process for our skin, causing it to sag, develop wrinkles, or even turn it into a very strange complexion.

If we talk about honey, it is an ingredient which adds sweet taste to our food but who knows that just by applying this product on our face also spreads sweet taste in our life as well. There are different DIY face packs which can be made at home and are so easy to make that you yourself will be shocked after seeing the results which comes out, once you have applied the face pack!

So are you ready to make these face packs and to change your complexion to two times fairer than it was! Scroll down to know more:

Besan, Honey and Turmericimage004
This is one of the best face packs till date for glowing skin and hyper pigmentation. I have personally applied this pack and trust me the results are bang on! It not only helps in reducing your black spots but also helps in glowing your skin instantly. Turmeric on the other hand is one of the most amazing ingredients for getting a fair skin.

Honey and Oats mealimage006
This acts one of the best scrubs for your skin, not only does this removes the acne from your skin but also gives it a glowing effect and fairer skin. Rinse it with water after use followed by moisturizer.

Milk and honeyimage008
Combination of milk and honey is the best for skin during winter season. This helps in keeping the water-deprived skin healthy and glowing. This process can be followed daily to get the best results. Also keep it on your skin for at least 15-20 minutes. But do not forget if you have an oily skin avoid using this pack as milk will make your skin more oily.

Honey, Besan and Tomatoimage010
Honey and Besan have an amazing bond when it comes to the skin. Tomato on the other hand has ingredients to fight with the tanned skin. And honey is naturally a fairness ingredient. So, this would help your skin look tanned free and the combination of honey will not only make your skin glow but also make it fairer instantly.

Honey and Lemonimage012
Lemon is an amazing bleaching agent and also mixing it with honey makes it more effective when it comes to applying on the skin. It helps you get a young and instant glow naturally.

Keep in mind these useful benefits of honey after buying one and do not forget to repeat the step at least once or twice a day for instant fairness.


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