Know your Birthstone jewelry and its meaning!

image002 Woman loves wearing jewelry, and if we talk about birthstone jewelry then this jewelry is a very special part of accessory for each one of us. Birthstones are a beautiful reminder of that day and are a tradition that has existed across cultures for many years. Overtime, certain gemstones have been assigned to each month, taking on different meanings and being said to embody particular protective or healing characteristics. Some believe that a birthstone’s powers intensity during its assigned month. Therefore, all twelve should be possessed in order to receive the birthstones’ full effect. However, others just like to wear such gemstones regardless of their birth months. Sometimes it is fun to wear gemstone that represents their birthday or some other symbolic meaning. Many women like wearing jewelries matching their birthstone. Gemstones are something which each one of us likes to adore, but yes! We tend to get confused like which jewelry to opt for because these jewelries are somewhat beautiful pieces which each one of us would love to adore. Let us find out the gemstone suiting your birthday month!

Garnet for January image004

Garnet birthstone is mined with rainbow colors. It basically looks a like a bright seed found in the fruit pomegranate. This particular gemstone is thought to keep the wearer safe during travel as well. Garnet gives its wearer guidance in night travel, wards off depression and promotes long-lasting love. Noah, it is said, used a garnet lantern to help him steer through the dark night in his ark. Garnets are also found in jewelry from early Egyptian, Greek and Roman times.

Amethyst for Februaryimage006

Amethyst birthstone is thought to evoke feelings of serenity and calmness in those who wear it. This month is often cold, dark and short for many people around the world, so the amethyst stone which is often associated with qualities of peace, courage and stability is the right gem for individuals who need a little extra warmth and strength this time of year.

Aquamarine for Marchimage008

Aquamarine birthstone, it is a translucent blue gemstone whose name originates from the Italian word for seawater, embodies the magnificence of the oceans and the grandeur of the skies. Legends refer to aquamarine as the treasure of Atlantis, with the power to keep sailors safe at sea.

Diamond for Aprilimage010

The most common and amazing stone, Diamond birthstone. This being a symbol of everlasting love was once thought to bring courage. In Sanskrit, the diamond is called “vajra,” which also means lightning; in Hindu mythology, vajra was the weapon of Indra, the king of gods.

Emerald for Mayimage012

Emerald birthstone is thought to be a symbol of love and the desire for a loved one’s safe travel and speedy homecoming. Far from being only a winter gem, the emerald, with its brilliance and multitude of colors, is truly one for any season. This beautiful gem could be at home in an unassuming pendant as it is in an ornate tiara!

Pearl for Juneimage013

Pearl birthstone has long been a symbol of purity! The ancient Greeks believed that pearls were the hardened tears of joy from Aphrodite, the goddess of love. During the Dark Ages, knights wore pearls onto the battlefield believing the pearls’ magic would protect them.

Ruby for Julyimage014

With its deep rich red color, the ruby seems to bring feelings of romance, love and passion to life. Throughout history, the ruby has been one of the most prized gemstones, even preferred over diamonds! This is mostly preferred by women as an elegant piece of stone. Ruby is also known as the king of stones at times!

Peridot for Augustimage015

Peridot birthstone is the national gem of Egypt, and the ancient Egyptians knew it as the gem of the sun. Peridot is given as a symbol of fame, dignity, and protection. When set in gold, this gem was said to protect the wearer from nightmares.

Sapphire for Septemberimage017

Sapphire birthstone, are known for their true blue hue, this gemstone also dazzles in shades of pink, yellow, green and orange. Sapphires actually come in every color of the rainbow except red; a red sapphire would be considered a ruby as both stones are made of the same mineral corundum.

Opal for Octoberimage019

Opal Birthstone symbolizes faithfulness and confidence. The word comes from the Latin opalus, meaning “precious jewel.” Necklaces with opals set in them were worn to repel evil and to protect eyesight.

Citrine for Novemberimage020

Citrine birthstone, energizing beams seem to be captured in the glorious gemstone citrine which has been called the “sun stone” and thought to be capable of holding sunlight and useful in the protection from snakebite.

Topaz for Decemberimage022

Topaz birthstone comes in a variety of colors including white, yellow, orange, blue, brown and pink. In nature, topaz is widely found in golden tones that can range from amber to peach because many natural topaz gemstones have this golden glow.


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