Everything you need to know about “Ruby” gemstone!

Ruby is one of the rarest gemstone and is also called as the Queen of gemstones! This beautiful red color gemstone is not just a beauty but also has its own meaning and uses. Ruby is one of four “precious” gemstones including Diamond, Emerald and Sapphire known its rarity, monetary value, and hardness. Ruby is red Corundum, an aluminum oxide mineral with chromium responsible for its rich, red color. The name comes from the Latin word rubeus, meaning “red,” and until 1800 when Ruby was recognized as a variety of Corundum, red Spinels, Tourmalines, and Garnets were also believed to be Ruby. All other color varieties of Corundum are designated as Sapphire! These precious rubies are most desirable one amongst the women, they love flaunting there expensive jewelry. Especially when it is Ruby! How can someone resist themselves by not flaunting the jewelry? There is a lot of things one need to know about rubies! Yes, there are certain things you should be clear about the gemstone like its meaning and the uses which this gemstone possess. Ruby has always been associated with love, especially faithfulness, passionate, commitment and closeness. In antiquity Rubies were considered to be perfect wedding stones! Many of us consider this or diamond as our wedding rings!

There is no such simple meaning of Ruby; it is a simple red jewel stone which was called as “Ruby” by one of the French jeweler in 1880’s. This jewel is so famous and dearest gemstone of all. The alluring Red color attracts anyone towards them. So, as an expression of the fiery energy of the sun and the royal blood, the ruby has been a symbol of nobility and royalty for as long as there are records about this beautiful stone. The most obvious visual characteristic of the ruby is its intense, rich red color with a deep hint of blue. This is the most desired and valued color for a ruby which also comes in different shades of red. A genuine ruby is a deep rich color, like the famous Myanmar ruby, which is relatively rare and commands high fees! Which I already mentioned above as well, Ruby is also quite special to a lot of us! This fiery and captivating Ruby is a stone of nobility, which is also considered the most magnificent of all gems, the queen of stones and the stone of kings. Ancients believed it surpassed all other precious stones in virtue, and its value exceeded even that of the Diamond. The Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan was said to have offered an entire city in exchange for a sizable Ruby!

There are specific properties of Ruby, like:

Ruby has always been associated with wealth which is partially because it is a stone of the wealth. It is also associated with protection from harm and thought to bring assurance and calm.

Ruby assists in regulating menstrual flow and alleviating pain associated with menstruation. It is considered beneficial for the reproductive organs, and is often used for treatment of sexual dysfunction, impotence and infertility, early menopause, and as a support for gynecological operations.

Ruby signifies light to the darkness of one’s life, It encourages teaching one to enjoy being in the physical world and perceiving the spiritual energy that exists throughout the realm of matter. It offers lessons in mastering the transformation of thought and intent into physical manifestation in order to change one’s world.

If your birthday falls in any of the following periods, a Ruby of the color listed can be a valuable conduit to your Guardian Angel.


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