Break these accessory rules and still look Sassy!

It is not necessary for you to follow the accessory rules always, No! You can look good and sassy without following such rules as well. Like we always say rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to our wardrobe. Following certain rule for accessory is quite silly, well! Who follows a rule in wearing clothes or when it comes to accessorizing themselves? Ladies do not worry; I know some people may call you crazy as why you want to break the rule and look tacky. But let me tell you, you aren’t looking tacky or ugly or fashion disaster at all. You might look more classy and charming while breaking such monotonous rule. Here are some commonly believed myths and rules which girls follow while crossing their heart. Let me mention you such rules which are not actually made or formed by anyone but woman, I know we all follow them. Check these out:

The first and fundamental rule of accessorizing is “Black”, yes when in doubt just wear black and look classy and charming. Well, you need black pumps always? No, this time you can grab any color pumps and still look right. This is just in our minds that we need to wear black dress or heels when everything else goes wrong. So, you can still look sassy without wearing those black pumps honey!

And just like a Black pump, again the same black myth is carrying a black handbag is a must. Well! You do not need a black bag always to look perfect there are plenty more colors which match every outfit and looks good on you, no matter what? Move around and check those different color handbags and then decide if you want to follow this rule or not!

Other one which says you cannot over accessorize, well there is a thing call mix and match style. Who says you cannot over accessorize yourself, you can and you can do it quite brilliantly! I am sure. Look out for thing like layering up your jewelry; it is a clearly wrong myth that says you cannot over accessorize yourself! I strongly recommend not following this because I feel you can look more stunning while over accessorizing!

Then yes, the strange one that says you need to wear matching pump or heel with your handbag! It is not fundamental for you to wear matching pump with your bag. Despite you can wear a red heel or pump with some different color bag, which too might look sassy. Apparently there is no such rule that you need to abide by while crossing your heart. Play with colors, grab the perky look and head out in style forget the rules which are set for you!

One that says you cannot mix silver and gold jewelry, I don’t think so. As I mentioned above layering looks stunning similarly this mixture of silver and gold jewelry would also look good. So, this is not an act of faux pas despite you might just end up looking like a dream and sizzling in a jiffy!


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