Interesting things you should know about Amethyst!

Amethyst is one of the most scintillating stone of all times. Ancient historians and jewelry lovers have been enchanted by the mystique of amethyst, which is the official birthstone of February! A member of the mineral quartz family, amethyst radiates a wide array of regal purple hues ranging from sparkling lilac to sultry deep violet. Amethyst is associated with spirituality, sobriety, security and wisdom. This seems as one of the astounding stone from all types, and also used in making of a lot of imitation jewelries. This violet color stone is quite useful in jewelries. This is one of the most exclusive and accessible stone of all times, this stone has quite a history going on with it but since the time has changed but this gemstone remains the same and has not change. Amethyst has been used since ancient times, dating as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Amethyst gets its name from the Greek word “amethystos” which translates as “not drunk.” In fact, legend or myth has it that amethyst could actually prevent against drunkenness. If you were to drink wine out of an amethyst cup, you would be spared from the ill effects of intoxication.

Earlier Amethyst used to be as expensive as emeralds and rubies until the late Georgian era.  It wasn’t until large deposits of amethyst were found in Brazil that the stone was made readily available to the masses. Nowadays, amethyst is one of the most affordable gemstones, even in its natural state! This is the reason it is used in imitation or artificial jewelry.  Also Amethyst has been the birthstone for February since the 15th century. In modern times, Amethyst was officially named the birthstone of February in 1912 by the National Association of jewelers and remains unchanged since.

Some astounding facts about this beautiful stone is listed below,

1. Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February, and the official gem for Wednesday, Jupiter and those born under the sign of Pisces.
2. Amethyst is the official gemstone of the province of Ontario.
3. Amethyst has been used to symbolize deep love, happiness, humility, sincerity and wealth.
4. Amethyst was once revered as the “Jewel of the Gods.”
5. Amethyst rings are traditionally worn by Bishops; some believe that amethyst brings good luck to petitioners.
6. Farmers believed wearing amethyst would protect their crops from hailstones and locusts.
7. The Hebrew word for amethyst is “ahlamah,” meaning “dream;” the stone was said to cause dreams and visions… and if you dream of amethyst, you will be free from harm.
8. Amethyst was the emblem for Matthew, one of the Twelve Apostles.
9. Leonardo da Vinci believed amethyst had the power to control evil thoughts, to quicken intelligence, and to make men shrewd in business matters.
10. Prasiolite, a rare dark green variety of quartz, is sometimes (wrongly) called green amethyst


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