Tips to choose the right jewelry according to your height!

Jewelry is something that instantly grabs everyone’s attention; there should be a lot of things kept in mind before choosing the right jewelry for you. This is something that one should choose keeping quite a few things in mind to wear this like a pro. We need to match this without skin tone firstly so that we do not look completely faux pas, then while choosing the jewelry we should remember to see the length of the jewelry so that it does not make us look very small or very tall. So, remember to choose the right jewelry for yourself before going ahead and picking a wrong one for you. However, not all women are aware of the various factors that they need to take care of while selecting the right jewellery for themselves as I motioned above as well. Apart from various things like, colour of your dress, your face shape, skin tone, etc., another thing to be considered while buying jewellery is your height which is the vital part of choosing the jewelry. So, here is how you can choose the perfect wedding jewellery according to your height.  Have a look and pick the right one today.

Height upto 5’4’’
If you are short and petite, you need to choose jewellery that creates an illusion of added height In order to create that illusion we need to choose the right piece. Choose necklaces that reach the breast level, but fall above the waist to look stunning. Neck pieces of this length elongate your upper body and make you look taller. However, do not buy anything that is too heavy. In case you are looking for earrings then go for the ones that are swept upwards. The traditional Indian jhumkas that are tucked above the ear are just thumbs up for you. Also, prefer earrings that are in geometric shape, such as triangles, ovals, squares and rectangles.

Height 5’4’’-5’7’’
If your height is between 5’4” and 5’7” tall, then you do not really need to make any special efforts to create an illusion of extra height. Simple, you can wear necklaces of any length. However, if you are on a slightly heavier side of the weighing scale, then avoid the ones that rest on the breast level. And if we talk about earrings then you can experiment with different sizes of earrings and you will definitely look amazing!


One thought on “Tips to choose the right jewelry according to your height!

  1. Completely agree that you have to choose appropriate jewellery as per your height, neither looks small nor long. Thanks for sharing detailed information. Its really helpful.


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