Unique makeup tips to make your life easier. Must read!

We all love putting on make-up and going out to rule the world. It is a part of our daily routine and we just cannot live without it. Lipstick is an incredibly important part of it; we love buying every shade possible and experiment with just like we do with costume jewelry or imitation or gold or silver. So we should know how we can make use of our other daily products as well. Lipstick is well an essential part to when it comes to makeup but there are other things too which should be kept in mind.

Don’t play up the eyes and the mouth

If you are not appearing on TV for a full cover interview you don’t need to put dark eye and lip make up. They will only sign out the Try-hard look. Use minimum mascara if you are going for a dark shade and nude lips if you are going Smokey eye.

How to plump up lips

You don’t have to get fillers in your lips to have the bee-stung look. For plumper lips, apply liner just outside your natural lip line, then dab a bit of gloss in the middle of your bottom lip and smack lips together.

You may like a lipstick on your friend, but it may not look good on you.

The best lipstick shade for you is the two shades darker than your lip color. Orange or coral colors look good only on few people. But if you are still hell inclined on using them make sure you choose a coffee orange shade or something that doesn’t make you look yellow.

Use liner on your lips as a base

This one is my absolute ritual. Lipstick tends to stay longer if you give them a strong base. Put lip liner on your whole lips or put gloss if you don’t like lip liners. Give your lip a strong base and forget touch ups for a long time.

You can line before or after you apply lipstick or gloss

This one again is a myth to apply liner before lipstick. You can take control of your make up as much as you like. Just don’t mark way out of the natural lines to give your lips a fuller look.

Never use a dark liner with light lipstick

You might doubt that how the best jewelry website that sells designer jewelry online is giving away lipstick hacks. We believe in over all grooming of woman. So let me say this with utmost love here. NEVER EVER USE A DARK LIP LINER WITH LIGHT LIPSTICK. IT’S GROSS.

How to properly test lipstick in a store

Apart from your lips you can try to pick the shade by applying on the palm side of the wrist. Your index finger and wrist generally are of the same shade as your face. Besides it is very unhygienic to use tester lipstick.

Don’t throw out a bad shade of lipstick

If by mistake you bought a color which doesn’t suit you much anymore then don’t throw out that shade. It has other uses too. Use it as an eye shadow. Some people also create blended color lip gloss by adding two shades. S you can try that too.

Keep lipstick off your teeth with this trick

When you are done applying lipstick take your index finger and make a pout by keeping the index finger stick to your teeth.

Lipstick can act as a blush

But never use blush as a lipstick. To use lipstick as a blush, dab a few dots on the apples of your cheeks and blend, blend, blend. It helps to have moisturized skin first so the lipstick blends well.


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