All about Pink!

Pink, a favourite and dear color to all the girls out their! Ladies love the pink glowing look on their cheeks. I know you all know about the pink rosy glow which I am talking about. Well we all love that pink glow on the face specially when it is summer, a pink tone lipstick or blush is something you need to incorporate into your beauty routine right away. Since pink is pretty much a universally flattering hue that comes in so many different shades variations, there’s something for everyone when it comes to flaunting it out. Products that will brighten your complexion and keep you in high spirits all the day long, because we all want it. You need certain things to get that pink rosy look on your cheeks.
You would need a melting lip powder, which is everything you want in a lip nourisher and stain with a soft matte finish. Unlike anything you’ve tried before, it starts out as a powder on the lips, then when warmed with natural body heat turns into a liquid matte stain that lasts all day.

Pamper yourself with a blush powder, a charming pink blush which would give you a cute and adorable pink look on the cheeks. And you can start applying this blush with some simple steps that is starting from the apple of the cheek and blend it in an upward motion along the cheekbone, so that the blush doesn’t look like it’s just sitting in two circles on the face. This also goes the same for cream blush products, but it’s important to warm them on the hand first before applying to ensure they go on smooth and not ruddy!
A natural matte pink lipstick, a glossy pink gives a pop of hot pink that is moisturizing. You will love the tints of pink because of how long they last, and how good they smell! You can wear a classy pink matte product alone, as a base for lipstick, or underneath lip gloss and grab that pink look instantly!

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