How to Start a Custom Jewelry Making Business: The Ultimate Guide

The jewellery that is designed according to the preference of the buyer is known as custom jewellery. Unlike, the readymade jewellery that is available in the jewellery store, custom jewelry is made keeping in mind the individual tastes and preferences of the consumer who has placed the order for the jewellery.
A large part of the jewellery throughout history has been custom jewelry. Mass produced jewellery came into existence only after the Industrial Revolution. The initial jewelers were common metal smiths who used to create many pieces of jewellery on the request of the customers, according to their personal requirements, and some pieces for usual sale. The artisan could have tried making several copies of the design but the production was too small compared to what we have today. He couldn’t have produced the popular pieces of jewellery on a large scale.
This type of jewellery includes both fashion and fine jewellery, which means fashion rings, fashion pendants, fashion necklaces all fall under the category of custom jewelry. This type of jewellery does not involve the jewellery that is available in jewellery stores or online stores for it needs to be customized as per the requirements of the customer. Let’s have a look at the realm of custom jewelry.


Types of Custom Jewelry

  • Personalized Jewelry
    • One of the most important parts of custom jewelry, the personalized jewelry is usually one that carries a person’s initials or name. This is usually done by taking a few readymade pieces of jewelry and engraving the person’s name or initials on it. For example, a signet ring usually contains a flat, large surface onto which the person’s monogram is inscribed. ID bracelets are usually constructed with metal links and a metal plate while the text chosen by the customer is engraved on the metal.
  • Bead and Charm Jewelry
    • A fast and effective way to put together custom jewellery is using beads and charms. People like to commemorate every significant event and every special place they have visited with a charm bracelet using a symbolic charm.
    • People can purchase individual charms and attach them to a metal link, to a jump ring or a split ring, or a traditional charm bracelet using a tweezer or some other tool. There is a new trend of charm bracelets that feature a cord or a chain onto which slider charms can be slipped. Sometimes, these charms are also interspersed with colorful beaded jewelry.
    • Types of beads include –
      • Wood
      • Clay
      • Glass
      • Crystal
      • Plastic
      • Paper
      • Metal
      • Acrylic
      • Stone
      • Shell
      • Ceramic
      • Bone

Wonderful patterns can be created using beads of different colors and they can be added to a chain or a string in different color combinations to create patterns.

costume jewellery wholesale
Costume jewellery wholesale supplier
  • Special-Order Jewelry
    • Special order jewelry happens to be different from custom jewelry although it is often advertised as custom jewelry. It is different from custom jewelry because it involves pieces of jewelry that have been pre-designed. These pieces are already partially made but have some scope for customization or personalization. They await certain design input on part of the seller. Class rings can be cited as a good example of special order jewelry. The customer gets to select different aspects from a wide list of options for creating a customized ring.


Although there is no dearth of beautiful jewelry available in the market, some people like to enhance the beauty of the jewellery with their creative vision. Some shoppers are looking for a piece that may hold a special meaning for them or someone dear to them. Someone else may want a piece of art as jewellery and hence might seek refuge in custom jewelry. It is essential to have a working knowledge of what custom jewelry is and how it can be customized to ensure a profitable sale or purchase involving custom jewellery. Jewelers should be mindful of understanding the exact requirements of the customer and delivering just that.



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