Uses of Pearls!

Pearl, a unique gems are immensely popular. These can be used in many different ways even after the original piece of jewellery gets damaged. A string of pearls can make a fancy piece of jewellery. These can be used to add a unique and special touch to any outfit that is being worn. There are … More Uses of Pearls!

All about Pink!

Pink, a favourite and dear color to all the girls out their! Ladies love the pink glowing look on their cheeks. I know you all know about the pink rosy glow which I am talking about. Well we all love that pink glow on the face specially when it is summer, a pink tone lipstick … More All about Pink!

Have Yoga Pants/Jeggings successfully replaced Jeans?

Yes, Yoga pants are successful in replacing jean in every aspects. Generally people opt for yoga pants because they are just so comfortable and gives your body a perfect shape. Beauty, fashion or lifestyle, the trend for wellbeing has gathered such an increase in peoples opinion that it’s now impossible to ignore. And as juice … More Have Yoga Pants/Jeggings successfully replaced Jeans?